An excellent image gallery for Android


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Piktures is a gallery app that lets you organize and access all your pictures more smoothly through a well-designed interface.

The main window in Piktures shows the images in the main folder of your Android device (usually 'camera'). Swiping right shows a simple menu where you can access your other folders, while sliding to the left helps you organize your photos according to the place where they were taken.

One of the most interesting features on Piktures is the photo calendar, which is just like a typical calendar only it shows you on which days all the photos on your device were taken. Simply tap any of the days to see all the photos.

As expected, Piktures also has a simple built-in image editor. With it, you can apply different filters to your images in seconds. The process is actually quite nice.

Piktures is an excellent gallery app that can give its most popular competitors (like the traditional Google gallery or QuikPic) a real run for their money. It has many features and a stylish design, making it an excellent alternative for your Android device.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher